July 7, 2011

Iwona *Day 2*

Here is our next GORGEOUS inspiration card by Iwona. I just love the color scheme:Sunny yellow and blue-- what could be more cheerful and summery?! This card makes me SMILE!
And here's my take using Iwona's yellow and blue color scheme:

This card happens to be one of the featured cards over on the Mementos blog today so for complete supplies and details on how this was created, click HERE.

Before I go, I'm going to answer a couple more questions I've gotten about the Stamper's Big Brush Markers.
QUESTION: You say to use watercolor paper to prevent the pilling because it can take the ink well. I wanted to know, seeing as you used Copic Express paper with the watercolor pencils on the Memento blog, and it seemed to hold up well to the water, would that paper also hold up to the ink in the markers?
I am sooo glad you asked this question. I never thought to try coloring with the BB Markers on the Copic X-Press It paper- DUH! SOOOO, I just finished coloring with my Stamper's Big Brush Markers on the Copic X-Press It paper and it works really well! Definitely less pilling than that the Tiara white (although there was a little if I colored LOTS in one spot). And there is an added bonus- because the Copic X-Press It paper is is a little glossier than Tiara White, it gives you just a bit longer to blend with your fingertip before the ink dries. Thanks, Shalvi for this suggestion! If you are looking for Copic X-Press It paper, it is available HERE.
QUESTION: Can you color on stamps with PITT Artist Pens as well?

Yes, the PITT Artist Pens can be used to color directly on your stamps. It's easier with the Stamper's Big Brush Markers because when you color directly on your stamps you have to work quickly so you can stamp on your paper before the ink dries. The large brush tip on the Stamper's Big Brush Markers helps speed up the coloring.

QUESTION: Does the ink from a Stamper's Big Brush Marker wipe off an embossed image?
Yes, the ink will wipe off an embossed image. Hhhhmmm... maybe I should do a video with this technique... :) When I color after embossing an image, I wipe the excess ink off the embossed area immediately-- I just keep a baby wipe handy and wipe it off as I go. If you leave it on the embossed area for too long it will stain it.

Thanks so much for popping by for a visit today. HUGS!


Iwona Palamountain (Chupa) said...

Love your delicate lines and pretty patterns, paired with the boldness of the flower! You captured the beauty of the blue-yellow combo perfectly... thank you for another fun day & I'm looking forward to more!! YeeHaw!

Shalvi said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions!

Tanya said...

Jill, Thank you for all the info on these products! Your work is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

How beautiful! I do "heart" yellow so very much and paired with blue, it's definitely cheerful! I'm loving that background stamp and flower! Loved the other card you showed us the Mementos blog. How sweet of you stop by my blog and answer my questions. You truly are a gem!
Happy Thursday:)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cards both of you! You're right, that colour scheme is so fresh and happy ;)

redscrap said...

2 nice cards
greetings mina

Elizabeth Allan said...

Jill your burst of blue against the yellow is stunning!

Cathy A said...

Fabulous interpretation of iwona's card

Tracey said...

GORGEOUS cards ladies!!! WOW!! LOVE them both! Thanks so much for answering my question Jill...going to ask for this for markers for my b-day in August :) :)

Anonymous said...

So pretty Jill! Love that gorgeous colour scheme!