September 3, 2011

Link Manager

Hi everyone! I'm excited to announce the launch of a new blogging tool today! Have you seen the way I am linking the supplies under each of my projects? Yes! those thumbnails... did you ever wonder how I do it? Well, I had a little secret but it's finally time to spill the beans. Let me introduce you to a new service: Link Manager by Inlinkz! A tool where you can make a pool of all your supplies and then create lists of products just by dragging and dropping. It is such a time saver and great way to list your supplies for your blog readers. Here is a short video by Kristina Werner that will walk you through the tool.

AND here is a coupon you can use to register : 35651429. This coupon will let you in for free until December! So go ahead, join and play around. I am sure you will love it. :)

If you want to see a post where I've used this tool, just scroll down to previous posts here on "Inspired By..." 

Have a great weekend! HUGS!


Chelsea said...

Wow ... I love love love this. I need to try this and build my libraries of supplies!

debbie said...

Thanks for sharing! Definitely going to check it out.

Vicky said...

Loved the post! Sending hugs Jill ;)

Maggie said...

Thank you for sharing this! Yes, I have been wondering how you make those cute little thumbnails :)